KABA is one of the oldest and renowned Islamic part-time schools in Singapore established in 1982 under the tutelage of Uztaz Abdul Manaf. After graduating from Islamic Modern school GONTOR from Indonesia in the year 1982, by the advice of the honourable President of Muhammadiyah, Ustaz Shaik Hussain and his concern to educate the ummah with the authentic knowledge of Islam. He appointed Uztaz Abdul Manaf to manage and supervise KABA, focusing and catering to full time national students. At that time he conducted only one class that was built of teak wood and was poor condition. Through the passage of time from establishment till up-to-date several principles have managed and improvised KABA system to its next level which resulted in the number of students increased until it reached four hundred. Currently it has become a well-established private part-time Islamic school providing education from cradle to grave. Much effort were placed by every principle who managed and operated KABA in bring valuable and beneficial students to our society in enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong. There were eight extraordinary principles who have contributed the establishment of KABA since it was initiated by the president of Muhammadiyah and they are:



1)      Uztad Abdul Manaf from 1982-1989


2)      Uztazah Rohanah from 1989-1996


3)      Uztaz Abdul Salam from 1996-2000


4)      Uztaz Abdul Rahim Nasir from 2000-2007


5)      Uztaz Rasman from 2007-2009


6)      Uztaz Muhd Ishlaahuddin Jumat From 2009-2010


7)      Uztaz Sayid Shufyan Jasin from 2010-2014



This were the respectable principles who contributed in the operation and supervision in improvement of KABA since its establishment. KABA is still one of the growing private part-time Islamic school in Singapore. May Allah persevere this part-time school to serve the ummah of our society. KABA today have branched out to many other sections serving and providing education from children to adults and juveniles.  




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