Welcome to Kelas Asas Bimbigan Agama (KABA) which is also known as Basic Islamic Religious Knowledge. KABA is one of the oldest and renowned Islamic part-time schools in Singapore established in 1982. Its fundamentals are solely based upon the Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). KABA aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge of Islamic system of believe, values and its application in their daily lives. It provides quality education through dedicated teachers and emphasizes much on character building in order to produce excellent Muslim leaders in our society.


KABA aspires to become a centre in providing Authentic Islamic Knowledge for all age groups. In our effort to maintain excellent educational system, we rely much upon the support from teachers because only dedicated teachers who are passionate enough could mould students into ‘sterling pounds’ of our Society. Nonetheless we are all accountable for the important role we play in educating the next generation. KABA is an amazing part-time Islamic school of education where every staff strives towards excellence in order to achieve success.

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