A good foundation in education is fundamental for future learning.  At KABA, we equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills, values and dispositions that are essential for everyone. Our curriculum nurtures our pupils holistically to be confident learners who are grounded in basics, rooted in values and global in outlook. Our vibrant learning environment, innovative teaching pedagogies and dedicated Azatizah promote a gracious community of active and creative learners with a passion to

‘Envision for the Future’.


KABA believes in working closely with all our stakeholders to prepare our pupils for the future. In KABA, every child matters. We provide a learning environment that stimulates and nurtures the pupils’ imagination and intellectual curiosity. It also inspires them to ‘Envision for the Future’ and to contribute to make a difference in our society.


We are delighted to share with you our beliefs and distinctive curriculum to provide our pupils with a diverse learning experience that prepares them for the digital and globalised age.

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