We are now enmeshed into a quagmire of intellectual deception that in every department of knowledge. The confusion within Islamic Institution caused by sectarian dogmas, the heavy influence of materialistic, hedonistic, atheistic philosophies and other ideologies from media, books and the environment have greatly impacted our psychology to an extent that most of us have become disconnected with Allah. It has ruined the faith of many Submitters and most importantly affected our youth’s soul. Thus it is important for us to sift sand from grain, cultivate the right doctrines in the hearts and minds of our youths, and help them establish a strong and steady relationship with Allah in their very souls such that they do not divert from the right path and if they do swerve, they can always utilize the right tools given to them by KABA to serve back to the right path.



  • To provide basic Islamic fundamental knowledge and proper understanding of our creed.

  • To produce younger generations who practice the religion of Islam with knowledge and understanding.

  • To produce younger generations who would readily expend their energies for the betterment of their community and society at large.

  • To empower them with proper Islamic foundational knowledge and resources to become independent learners who are able to decipher the different ideologies and world views with effective means.




1)      Aqeedah

2)      Fiqh

3)      Seerah

4)      Ahlak

5)      Quran

6)      Hadith

7)      Arabic writing

8)      Basic Supplication ( Azkar)



• Open to all male and female

• Primary level: age range: 7- 12

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