KABA-Dewasa is designed for adults who want to have a basic understanding of Islam.

KABA-Dewasa will build for them a fundamental Islamic family framework for guidance and introduce spiritual and secular programmes for enhancements. This will help reduce ignorance and create a spiritual bond among young Muslim couples because we believe that family disruption is caused due to the ignorance regarding their religious roots and lack of spiritual augmentation. KABA-Dewasa is designed in accordance to the lifestyle of our contexts in Singapore. KABA-Dewasa courses are “short-crash-course” Every topics are selected and delivered only by qualified trainers both Islamic and secular professional.



1)      To provide essential short Islamic courses to bring essential Muslim adults in Singapore

2)      Assist struggling Muslim families thru relevant Islamic education

3)      Build strong ties within family members thru spiritual courses



Title of course: Explanation of Hisnal Muslim (Fortification of the Muslim)
Instructor: Ust. Muhammad Rizhan Bin Leman
Language: English
Duration: 4 months (17 weeks)
Start Date: 06th September 2014
End Date:06th December 2014

Days: Saturday
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: Muhammadiyah - level 3 classroom
Enrolment fee: $35 per month


Course overview:

This Kelas Asas Bimbingan Agama certified-course is designed as a 4 month intensive study of Hisn Al Muslim (Fortification of the Muslim) and commentary of shaykh Majdi bin 'Abd Al-Wahhab Ahmad. It will provide a detailed understanding of adkhar (supplications) and their correct application. Students will also learn to memorise and practise some of the more frequent adhkar. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certification of attendance. 

The course will run for 12 weeks, and commence on 24th May and subsequently every Saturday thereafter. Timing will be from 10am to 12pmEnrolment will by registered, and each student will get a photocopy of the course book  شرح حصن المسلم , upon which the course is based.

It will be paid course at a nominal price of $35 per month in order to cover the operational overheads. 



Course schedule:

The course will be divided into 16+1 sessions over 4 months as follows:



 Open to 21 years old and above


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