Prophet once said:

The best among you is one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it. (Hadith Sahih)
Thus in response to this call, KABA has taken steps to conduct Quranic recitations including its Tajweed laws opened to all age groups. Reviving and re-energising the submitters’ hearts with the verses which heals and rejuvenate the soul back to the straight path. Tying a firm knot in the hearts of the submitters thru recitation and understanding the fruitful verses of the Creators gift to his creation. Al-bayyan class is to empower both the young Muslims and the adult Muslims with the ability to recite the Quran. Hopefully with the existence of Al-bayaan KABA can increase the number of Muslims in Singapore who are able to recite the Quran correctly and accordingly along with Tajweed    



  • To produce Muslims who are able to read the Quran correctly.

  • Assist those who struggle with Quranic recitation and improve their reading.

  • Build for them a personal relationship with the Quran so that it can serve as a guide for life at all levels.

  • Expound the purpose and content of the verses of the Quran for better appreciation and comprehension.




Open to ALL for beginners of Quran      



Studies & Recitation of the Quran



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