The knowledge at a young age is like engraving a rock. As early childhood stage is the most vulnerable and critical stage in a child life. As the child’s mind are as soft as a sponge. Since everything is planted and sown at this stage. It’s our responsibility in KABA to provide ethical Islamic knowledge to develop and train our Muslim children from their early childhood. Nurturing the child with the right essential education is the priority in KABA.




1)      To engrave knowledge in every children’s heart

2)      To instil valuable and noble character from childhood

3)      To plant and sown islamic ethic from a young

4)      To foster interest in them about the beauty of our religion.

5)      Produce younger generation who practice Islam with knowledge and comprehension.

6)      Produce younger generation who are enthusiastic about social service


KABA for Kids offers pro-rated madrasa education programmes for children aged between 5-6 years on a weekly basis.



  1.  Fiqh
  2. Sirah
  3. Arabic Writing (Kitabah)
  4. Tauhid


 4years old to 6 years old

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