Dawah Training Program For KABA-Plus

The youth bling ring program.


Youths today have forgotten the significance of modesty or rather as a whole; we would say the quality of Haya according to the Islamic terminology proper. One of the paramount reasons behind this is linked with what they wear and certainly this is indisputable.

Clothes are a reflection of our personality. Our identity or the personality which we want to be identified with is projected through what we wear. Be it whether we truly belong to that which it portrays or not, or whether we are reflecting something that is not really us but just to fit into the current trend or not; whatever the reasons may be, we cannot deny the influence clothes has on our psychology, even thou they say do not judge a book by its cover. That maxim is only a partial truth and partial truths are never the reality. In Islam truth means a whole and as much as your tongue must speak your heart; in this case our demure must go along with what we wear and vice versa.

The influx of fashion trends and constant bombardment from the scientific marketing and advertisement strategies has brought about a false consciousness in their psychology. Every day they vie to shine like their “bling blings” they wear just to become the most impressive and sensation person among their ring of friends. Like the “bling blings” and their ‘rings’, the fascinating sophisticated adornments and the pressure from the trend setting movements further drowns them into the world of fantasy and appearance. In the end they channel their energies into unbeneficial things which lead them into unethical acts just to become a moment’s ‘blink in the ring’.

Clothing and further adorning oneself is indeed emphasized in the Quran. At the same time Allah mentions something even more important than the external coverings. Let us now turn to the ‘fabric’ of the Quran. Allah mentions in surah 7 verse 26;

“O children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover yourselves and as adornment….”

Allah reminds his servants that He has given us Libbas and Rish. Libas refers to the clothes that are used to cover the private parts, while Rish refers to the outer adornment used for the purpose of beautification. Therefore, according to the sequence in the Quran, the first type coined as Libbas is essential while the second type termed as Rish is complimentary.

But Allah does not stop there, the verse continues further by stating that;

“….And indeed the Libas(raiment) of Taqwa is better “

This verse especially on the raiment of taqwa revolutionizes the way we perceive life itself. The most important raiment that we need to weave in our lives is the spiritual raiment called taqwa which adorns us with the ornaments of piety, humility and modesty. This can only be obtained through our hearts and the key to that door is knowledge. Knowledge gives rise towards understanding Allah which will create a strong rapport with Him. This in turn will cultivate love and fear for him such that we are able to refrain from committing sins. We will also be able to endure and resists temptations and pressures with exceptional fortitude. If we have taqwa and guard ourselves from the internal aspect it itself guard us from the false consciousness and appearances of the world from the external aspect because the raiment itself (clothes worn according to Shariah in order to please Allah) reflects this internal aspect on the outside and thus acts as a shield against all onslaughts. It will enable us to hold an independent stand and even set a trend by itself influencing others. This attitude once grounded in our very souls, it will channel our energies into directions that are purposeful and meaningful and not swerve away from the right direction tearing apart the entire fabric of our constitution.

Bling ring Youth program is designed and catered for Muslim youth of Singapore. It is targeted to change the insouciance mind-set of our youths who are wasting their precious time in fruitless activities which benefits neither themselves nor the society at large.

Bling ring is about a direction assigned to a goal. It is not by any means but has to be a specific method designed for a definite direction that will enable one to attain the desired destination. Thus the programme aims to create awareness in these youths about the meaning of life, the preciousness of time and the negative influence their company have on them. The programme wants to convey the message that if they continue wandering, without directions, they may soon lose sight and soon destroy their lives. This programme aims to remove them from their current situation, curb those conflicting natures in them and help them establish a relationship with Allah in their hearts. It is going to be a soul moving experience that will make them surmount their weakness, facilitate good deeds and set them on to the road to fulfilling their destiny becoming beneficial to the society as well.


Bling ring youth program is a 2 years course which aims to cover the following topics:


TBC - To Be Confirm






Youth Problem

1)Confused youth

2)Corrupted youth

3)Upright Youth


5)Internet, magazine daily     habits

6)Estrangement between youth and elders

7)Issues of the corrupted youth


6 months



Character Building

Extracting valuable characteristic from the noble life of companion to value and change the way of lifestyle of our youth




Fundamentals Of Islam

1)      Basic of Tawheed

2)      Basic Of salat

3)      Basic of Zakat

4)      Basic Of puasa

5)      Basic Of Haji

6 months




Project Solution Learning Education


Youth will be formed into groups to research the contemporary youth issues within the society and solving the riddles base on social and religion perspective.

6 months





The programs and topics are designed:

1)      To tackle contemporary issues within youth and provide them with an alternative based on Quran and Sunnah.

2)      Character building will focus on changing their bad habits and their lifestyles through educating them about the exemplary character of specific companions e.g. Ibn Abbas (ra)

3)      As today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, fundamentals of Islam will bring them back to the basics. This is to remind them about the importance of these pillars so that they can lead their own families in the future.

4)      P.S.L.E in this term will group the youths with other students in order to facilitate a solution for youth contemporary problems under the supervision of Uztaz Islahudeen, Uztaz Azri, Uztaz Ameen.

Upon completion of these four terms, student will be certified to proceed to the next phase of education to learn and understand the knowledge of Arabic provided by KIM.

Bling Ring youth program under the wing of KABA-plus will be opened to a maximum of 80 youths in order to train these youth under KABA Plus and nurture leadership qualities in them.



All youths are welcome




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