Welcome to Muhammadiyah Kindergarten- A garden that is fills with love to nurture our little khalifahs.

MK or more known as Muhammadiyah Kindergarten has been here in Singapore Jalan Lapang No 66 since 1981. It is a registered Kindergarten under MOE that also serves Islamic Education to our future leaders. MK aims to equip children from 3 – 6 years old with both Duniawi and Ukhrawi aspects. Hence, it serves from Pre Nursery level to Kindergarten 2 level.

MK operates a 3 hour programme with 2 sessions daily. 1st session is from 8:55 am to 11:55 am and 2nd session is from 12:10pm to 3:10pm.

Most of the teachers here have been with Muhammadiyah Kindergarten for many years. The lesson taught or methodology used is ever changing following the current needs. Teachers will feedback child’s progress informally through communication book every end of the month. Besides that, there is assessment done every term. Term 1 and term 3 reports will be kept in the child’s portfolio and will be reviewed or ‘compared’ during parents- teacher meeting on term 2 and term 4 where there are another report together with pictures of children taken during activities. Parents are also welcome to communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress or any feedback to better our Kindergarten.

Communication between parents and teachers are so vital. According to Bronfrenbrenner’s theory, there are five environmental systems that affect the child’s development or learning. However, our emphasis is more on parents/caregivers and teachers. We believe strongly that communication and interaction between parents/caregivers and teachers are very crucial in child’s fruitful learning journey; thus giving the child a holistic development to contribute to self being, family, community and even Islam.

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