Muhammadiyah has about less than 2,000 members, spread throughout Singapore. Muhammadiyah members are divided into 5 Zones (East, West, North, South & Central) and 3 divisions – Aisyiyah (Women) and Youth (Beliawanis & Pemuda) . Our members act as advocates to our cause and are actively involved in organizing events and activities in various areas.


Zon Barat

West Zone

Committee Members

Chairman: Wandi Bin Juma’at

Vice Chairman: Roszanah Bte Abdul Salim

Secretary: Mohamad Eznillah bin Razali

Vice Secretary: –

Treasurer: Yusilawaty Bte Yatiman

Vice Treasurer: Nurjannah Bte Jumahat

Member: Abdul Japar Bin Md Saheed

Member: Ahmad Bin Mohd Amin

Member: Hatijah Bte Abdul Ghafar

Member: Jamiah Bte Osman

Member: Abdullah Bin Borhan

Zon Selatan

South Zone

Committee Members

Chairman: Mohd Najib Bin Jasin A S

Vice Chairman: Idris Bin Abdul Rahim

Secretary: Mohamed Nizam Bin Sualman

Vice Secretary: Shaik M Iqbal Bin Shaik Hussain

Treasurer: Sahabuddin Bin Jasin

Vice Treasurer:  –

Member: Nurhabibah Bte Adiwinata

Member: Muhammad Nur Mohideen

Member: Mislia Bte Khamis

Member: Sayid Amin Bin Jasin Amin Sahib

Zon Tengah

Central Zone

Committee Members

Chairman: Kamal Bin Osman

Vice Chairman: Muhammad Suhaimi Bin Paat

Secretary: Khairil Bahri Bin Kamal

Vice Secretary: Muhammad Ruhizat Bin Salim

Treasurer: Khairul Abdullah Bin Kamal

Vice Treasurer: Isamuddin Bin Abul Latiff

Member: Ismail Bin Hassan

Member: Mohamed Noor Bin Mohamed Amin

Member: Mohammad Azri Bin Azman

Zon Timur

East Zone

Committee Members

Chairman: Muhammad Ishlaahuddin Bin Jumat

Vice Chairman: Muhd Faqih Bin Ahmad Ralip

Secretary: Zainab bte mohd thaha

Vice Secretary: Suhaila Bte Ahmat Samsi

Treasurer: Al-Imran Bin Yahya

Vice Treasurer: Siti Aisyah Bte Abdul Rahman

Member: Yusran Bin Eusope

Member: Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Hamid

Member: Yuhroh Bte Jasin Amin Sahib

Member: Habibatunnisa bte Jasin A S

Member: Sity Nur Marlina Bte A Rahman

Member: Nasir Bin Hj Khamis

Member: Muhamad Sufiyan Bin Abdul Aziz

Member: Jumiah Binte Othman 

Zon Utara

North Zone

Committee Members

Chairman: Mohamed Fuad Bin Jumahat

Vice Chairman: Abdur Rahim S/O Abul Nasir

Secretary: Hermanzi Bin Jasmani

Vice Secretary: Mohd Yusoff Bin Abdul Karim

Treasurer: Mohamad Rosman Bin Sulaiman

Vice Treasurer: Bibi Sahidah Bte Sy Attar Sh

Member: Mokhtar Bin Mohd Shariff

Member: Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman

Member: Abdullah Sawawi Bin Abuchik

Member: Soffian Bin Zakarya

Member: Surani Bin Buang

Member: Fakhrullah Bin Ramlan

Member: Muhammad Irfan Bin Ramlee



Bahagian Aisyiyah

Women’s Wing

Committee Members

Chairman: Roszanah Bte Abdul Salim

Vice Chairman: Nurhabibah Adiwinata

Secretary: Suhaily Bte Ahmat Samsi

Vice Secretary: Ruhaya Bte Jasin A S

Treasurer: Suhaila Bte Ahmat Samsi

Vice Treasurer: Masita Bte Shaik Hussain

Member: Siti Rohanah Bte Ali

Member: Masita Bte Shaik Hussain

Member: Sarimah Bte Ahdim

Member: Siti Rohanah Bte Ali

Member: Johati Bte Mohamed

Member: Jumiah Binte Othman

Member: Mislia bte Khamis

Member: Hatijah bte Abdul ghafar

Member: Supina Bte Kastam


Young Women’s Wing

Committee Members

Chairman: Sity Nur Marlina Binte Abdul Rahman

Vice Chairman: Ezzatulaliyah Bte Ramlee

Secretary: Khairunisa Bte Ramlee

Vice Secretary: Siti Aisyah Bte Abdul Rahman

Treasurer: Nurjannah Bte Jumahat

Vice Treasurer: Khairunnisa Binti Ismail

Member: Zainab Bte Mohd Thaha

Member: Nur Luthfiah Bt Mohammed Khaer

Member: Munira Bte Ramlee

Member: Rufaidah Bte Mohd Kamal


Youth Wing

Committee Members

Chairman: Hilman Ansari Bin M Yusoff

Vice Chairman: Khairil Bahri Bin Kamal

Secretary: Ahmad Arif Zikri Bin Zainal

Vice Secretary: Fakhrur Razi Bin Mohd Rafi

Treasurer: Muhammad Irfan Bin Ramlee

Vice Treasurer: Muhammad Hafiz Bin Kasan

Member: Noor Zhofry Bin Abdul Hamid

Member: Muhyuddeen Bin Razali

Member: Fakhrullah Bin Ramlan

Member: Khairul Abdullah Bin Kamal

Membership Types

Be A Muhammadiyah Member

Be part of a community that upholds and propagates the true teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Members of Muhammadiyah Association actively engage in various activities to bring benefit and serve urgent needs of the community in Singapore, regardless of race and religion.

Benefiting the community together

since 1957


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  • Asatizah Development
  • Free religious classes and programmes
  • Promoting positive moral values
  • Inter-faith dialogues
  • Combating extremism
  • Addressing societal issues


  • Muhammadiyah Kindergarten
  • KABA Weekend Madrasah
  • Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah
  • Muhammadiyah Islamic College
  • Biasiswa Muhammadiyah (Scholarship)


  • Assistance to low-income families
  • Assistance to underprivilleged students
  • Jenazah Management Services
  • Projek Sinar Ihsan – Fostering Agency
  • Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH)
  • Muhammadiyah Health & Day Care Centre (MHCC)
  • Muhammadiyah Senior Activity Centre – SAC (Yishun)
  • Advance Care Planning (ACP)