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“‘Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.’ — Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Support 15,000 individuals annually by giving zakat through Muhammadiyah.


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Who We Have Benefited

approximate figures as of 2019

Pre-school Students

Children & Youths at Risk

Madrasah & College Students

Elderly Patients

Migrant Workers

Low Income Families

Who Are You Helping?

Mdm Rokiah (not her real name), 72 years old

Beneficiary of Muhammadiyah’s welfare assistance

Sole caregiver to her husband who underwent a spinal cord
surgery more than 20 years ago. 

“Thank you to Muhammadiyah for always willing to lend a hand to those
in need, like my husband and I.”

Elmi Hamidah Sully

Student of Muhammadiyah Islamic College Degree in Syariah Islamiah “Muhammadiyah Islamic College helps you learn, change and grow to become a better person and Muslim.”  

Mdm Hasnah (not her real name), 72 years old

Beneficiary of Muhammadiyah’s welfare assistance Living alone in her 3-room flat since her husband’s passing 9 years ago, she receives support from her children but relies on organisations like Muhammadiyah at times to cover monthly expenses and outstanding medical bills. To Mdm Hasnah, the help that she receives not only benefits her alone, but also an opportunity for her to share with her family and neighbours.


This is our heartfelt commitment to fostering unity and compassion across our community. This expansion is not just about space; it’s about enhancing our ability to serve our community’s evolving needs in social services, education, and youth empowerment.

Through this project, we aim to elevate our service and reflect our unwavering dedication to excellence, ensuring that we can continue to make a significant, positive impact within our community.

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Transfer to our DBS Account: 017-005202-0.
Indicate the purpose of donation e.g. ‘Zakat’ in the Remarks field and send a screenshot via WhatsApp to 8408 4326.


Contact us at 6242 7388 or WhatsApp at 8408 4326 to make an appointment for us to collect your donation from home. We accept cash and NETS.

*Safe distancing measures will be observed.

Recurring Donation

Donate to our respective Ramadan campaigns directly here:


Set up a monthly GIRO contribution to Muhammadiyah to support our programmes.

Simply download the form and fill up the required details, and mail it to us!

Benefiting the community together

since 1957


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  • Asatizah Development
  • Free religious classes and programmes
  • Promoting positive moral values
  • Inter-faith dialogues
  • Combating extremism
  • Addressing societal issues


  • Muhammadiyah Kindergarten
  • KABA Weekend Madrasah
  • Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah
  • Muhammadiyah Islamic College
  • Biasiswa Muhammadiyah (Scholarship)


  • Assistance to low-income families
  • Assistance to underprivilleged students
  • Jenazah Management Services
  • Projek Sinar Ihsan – Fostering Agency
  • Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH)
  • Muhammadiyah Health & Day Care Centre (MHCC)
  • Muhammadiyah Senior Activity Centre – SAC (Yishun)
  • Advance Care Planning (ACP)