Available Positions

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)


Executive (HR & Admin)

Responsibilities :

  • Perform the full spectrum of HR/Admin Duties/Correspondence.
  • Experience in managing e-payroll systems via HR InfoTech is an advantage.
  • Facilitate onboarding, performance appraisal exercise, and Human Resource Programme (HRP) when required.
  • Provide general HR/Admin-related duties.

 Requirements/Qualifications :

  • Diploma/Degree or equivalent qualification preferably in HR and Training
  • Minimum 3 years relevant working experience in the management and HR field
  • IT literate
  • Excellent Communication Skills – written and verbal
  • Able to multi-task

REPORTS TO : Head (HR & Admin)

Finance Officer

Responsibilities :

  • Updating Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Processing Invoices and Payments
  • Preparing Payment Vouchers & Cheques
  • Checking and processing of petty cash and other claims
  • Keeping track and settlement of advance money given to staff
  • Receive walk in donors, collect money and issue receipts.
  • Assist finance officer and act as a backup for:
    > Manage GIRO applications, submission and returns.
    > Supervise the receipts issuance by other department staff.
    > Collect and safe keep cash and cheques from various parties and depositing into bank.
    > Handle petty cash
    > Prepare payment vouchers and cheques.
    > Receive donations and prepare commission payment to Telemarketer, Fundraiser
    > Counting donations from donation boxes.
    > Depositing cash & cheques collected into bank.
    > Receive appeal letters – open letters, count cash, arrange cheques, deposit, and issue receipts.
  • Any other duties assigned from time to time

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • Minimum qualification Certificate/Diploma in Accounting/Finance or equivalent
  • 1 to 2 years relevant working experience
  • Knowledge in QuickBooks software is an advantage
  • Fast learner and IT savvy

REPORTS TO : Finance Manager


No available positions at this time.


Welfare Officer

Responsibilities :

  • To supervise residents on their daily routine in the home.
  • To ensure safety, welfare and confidentiality of the residents is being safeguarded at all times.
  • To supervise and ensure smooth execution of residents’ daily routine and programme.
  • To ensure proper housekeeping at all times.
  • To perform secondary duty as and when required.
  • To perform any other relevant duties as delegated by supervisor.
  • *Residents – boys between the age of 11 to 19 years old

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • Minimum GCE N level or equivalent qualification/ relevant experience.
  • Physically fit.
  • Able to manage and educate at-risk youths.
  • Able to work on shifts.
Case Worker

Responsibilities :

  • Execute casework management procedures from admission to discharge.
  • Identify residents’ care needs, strengths and risks.
  • Complete all required assessments on resident and
    family using the appropriate tools for intervention
  • Prepare and maintain the Individualized Care
    Planning (ICP) for each resident, including progress
    and assessment reports, care plans and case notes
  • Key in and update resident’s personal information on
    ECRM portal for Medical Fee Exemption Card
    (MFEC) application and future report submissions.
  • Report and seek supervision from Head of Rehab on
    casework related matters; case direction and
    intervention plans for family and resident.
  • Conduct internal/external case discussions with Head
    of Home, Head of Rehab, staff and/or external
    partners to monitor and coordinate the progress of
    resident and family;
  • Identify and connect residents and family to the
    appropriate community agency resources for
    expansion of formal support network.
  • Coordinate and conduct group and specific
    intervention programmes for residents.
  • Plan and execute counselling schedule for residents
    and family.
  • Prepare, submit and present resident’s progress
    reports to respective authorities, i.e. Youth Court,
    Ministry of Social and Family Development, etc.
  • Prepare and submit monthly counselling muster in accordance with MSF licensing guidelines.
  • Attend and be part of meetings in relation to casework and any other matters as required.
  • Report and seek supervision from Manager on
    casework and residents-related matters.
  • Perform other relevant tasks, projects and duties as
    assigned by the Head/Deputy of Home and MC

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • Minimum diploma in social work or its equivalent.
  • Preferably a degree in social work/ social science/ casework/counselling/ psychology.
  • 1 – 2 years’ experience in managing casework.
  • Possess passion to work with youths-at-risk.
    Manager, Corporate Communications Resource Unit

    I. Fundraising

    • Assist in developing fundraising strategies which are aligned with organizational goals, utilizing innovative approaches to achieve fundraising target
    • Assist in implementing/overseeing fundraising activities including online fundraising, and supervising fundraising team
    • Secure donation/sponsorships from individuals or corporate donors. Recruit
      sponsors, participants, or volunteers for fundraising events
    • Conduct research to identify potential donors or general donor market

    II. Project Management

    • Be part of team that organizes event; fundraising or non-fundraising in nature
    • Prepare post-event report including income & expense statement, attendee feedback and keeping record of details of event in server

    III. Writing

    • Copy writing for communication materials including speeches, invitations to GOH, publications and promotional materials

    IV. Corporate Communications

    • Maintain the organisation’s brand identity, ensuring consistency across all communication channels and materials
    • Conceptualise and maintain social media campaigns
    • Maintain website content, produce e-newsletter
    • Part of team to produce annual report

    V. Media Management

    • Maintain media relationship
    • Prepare and maintain fact sheets
    • Prepare speeches, press releases, or other promotional materials to increase
      awareness of the vision, mission, or goals of the Home

    VI. Donor Relationships

    • Proactively maintain relationship with various stakeholders – sponsors, donors, volunteers , community partners

    VII. Others

    • Oversee day to day running of unit according to SOPs including supervising staff handling donation in kind, food sponsorships and day to day food arrangements for the Home
    • Manage donor database in accordance with best practice and data protection
    • Assist in application of grant and funding
    • Provide support for non-CCRU activities and duties on the bigger MWH platform alongside rehab department and/or the Muhammadiyah institutions


    • Academic Qualification : Diploma / Degree in Mass Communication or
      Business Admin
    • No of relevant working experience : Minimally 1 year in fund raising/ event
    • Experience in fundraising and event management are advantageous
    Corporate Communications Resource Executive

    I.  Fundraising

    • Part of team responsible for fundraising activities
    • Secure sponsorships (monetary or in kind) for events and for Home, as and when needs arise
    • Conduct research to identify potential donors and sponsors (corporate and individuals)

     II. Project Management

    • Be part of team that organizes event; fundraising or non-fundraising in nature

     III. Corporate Communications

    • Do artwork and design for collaterals, flyers, certificates, invitations
    • Supports timely updates on all social media platforms and website
    • Part of team that produces e-newsletter, annual report and other publications where needed
    • Maintain fact sheets

    IV.  Donor Relationships

    • Proactively maintain relationship with various stakeholders – sponsors, donors, volunteers and community partners

     V. Daily Operations

    • Responsible for food sponsorship and day to day food arrangements for the Home
    • Keep track of storeroom inventory and ensure timely updates of donation in kind file 
    • Prepare and pack groceries for residents’ home leave if any
    • Key in donation transaction into donation software, when needed

    VI. Others

    • Provide support for non-CCRU activities and duties on the bigger MWH platform alongside rehab department and/or the MA front



    • Academic Qualification : Diploma / Degree in Mass Communication or Business Admin
    • No of relevant working experience : Minimally 1 year in fund raising/ event management
    • Experience in fundraising and event management are advantageous



        Staff Nurse / Senior Staff Nurse

        1. Comply with approved standards of nursing practices.
        2. Perform nursing care such as medication administration and packing, wound dressing and other clinical skills as required under approved CBN services.
        3. Provide appropriate interventions to clinical abnormalities found in client.
        4. Liasing with clients external health providers and family for continuity of acute and chronic health
        5. Sourcing and directing clients to appropriate external health and medical services.
        6. Provide health education to clients and families.
        7. Liasing with AIC regarding clients referrals and services.8. Perform pre-assessment of new clients referred by AIC.
        9. Ensure clients enrolment comply with the Company and MOH SOPs.
        10. Collaborate with allied health care team to assess, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate clients progress and care plans.
        11. Case management for clients with care plan issues.
        12. Assessing the needs and delivery of quality geriatric / dementia care to clients.
        13. Assess, monitor and review clients assessments and documentation (e.g. Fall risk assessment, ZBI
        survey, NMTS report, Transport triage, ICP, Clients rehab review, FAST score, Wound Chart, medication chart).
        14. Perform CPR, AED and First Aid to clients and plays an active role in emergency situations.

        15. Oversee and manage Maintenance Day Care, Dementia Day Care, and Centre-based Nursing services.
        16. Prepare and assist in audits (MOH for services, NEA for environment and hygiene).
        17. Prepare and update centre’s nursing SOPs and Guidelines.
        18. Replying public and clients’ enquiries regarding referral process, services and subsidies available.
        19. Oversee centre cleanliness and food supplied for clients.
        20. Liasing with external vendors.
        21. Arranging medical events at centre or health booth during organisation events.
        22. Procurement of medical supplies and equipment.
        23. Asset listing of equipment.
        24. Arranging maintenance repair duties when necessary.

        25. Oversee and manage the performances of care staff and kitchen helper to ensure desired level of work competency.
        26. Planning of manpower and staff leave.
        27. Planning and applying of courses for staff for training and development.
        28. Assess and update staff competency skills.
        29. Ad-hoc duties assigned by Manager.

        • Diploma or Degree in Nursing.
        • Valid nursing registration with Singapore Nursing Board (SNB).
        • Minimum 2 years’ experience in acute care.
        • Strong advantage for candidates with ILTC experiences.


          No available positions at this time.


          PreSchool Teacher (Ukhrawi)

          Responsibilities :

          • To teach and educate creatively to pre-school children age 2+ to 6 years old.
          • To plan daily lesson and activities a week before class.
          • To prepare materials and activity sheets needed before starting of class.
          • To come out with activity sheets assisted by Principal.
          • To come out with letters or notes to parents with Principal’s approval.
          • To check children’s bag every day and pass any documents to admin or principal.
          • To check children’s communication app every day and reply to parents’ queries.
          • To plan, prepare and give accurate records or checklists on children.
          • Able to work effectively with other team members and parents.
          • To call and communicate to parents regarding child if needed.
          • Create and maintain a positive learning environment.
          • To help in raising fund for the association/kindergarten
          • To carry out duties delegated by Principal in school’s events diligently.
          • To take care of children’s toileting when needed.
          • To take over classes or duties assigned by Principal when any staff is absent.
          • To follow the daily duty roster set by Principal.

          Requirements/Qualifications :

          • Minimum O’level with Arabic/ Islamic Studies.
          • Preferably Dip in Arabic Language / Quranic Studies.
          • Willing to work on some weekends.

          Please submit your detailed resume to [email protected] or call us at 6242 7388 for any enquiries.

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