Available Positions

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Corporate Communications & Resource Officer

Responsibilities :

  • Develop communication collaterals according to organisation’s brand guidelines.
  • Copywriting, Photo/Videography and Video Editing.
  • Manage and execute marketing efforts for HQ and Educational institutions: MK, MIC and KABA
  • Track and measure effectiveness of content marketing efforts.
  • Manage contents of physical notice boards

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • Possess excellent oral, written and visual communication skills
  • Good eye for design and attention to details
  • Good knowledge and application of photography and videography
  • Familiar with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop
  • Strong language skills (Malay and English)
  • Able to multi-task and manage time well
  • Preferably with minimum 1-2 years of relevant experience
  • Some work over the weekend and after office hours may be required
Corporate Communications & Resource Executive

Responsibilities :

  • Plan and execute fundraising campaigns and donation drives
  • Plan and execute community outreach programs 
  • Outreach to corporate companies for Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) programs or donations
  • Manage stakeholders’ database in accordance to PDPA
  • Manage grant and funding opportunities and prepare funding reports
  • Conduct research to identify potential donors and sponsors (corporates and individuals)
  • Manage inventory for in kind donation items
  • Manage grant and funding opportunities and prepare funding reports
  • Conduct research to identify potential donors and sponsors (corporates and individuals)
  • Identify opportunities to raise funds for the organisation through events and non-event activities such as writing appeal letters
  • Secure and manage sponsorships (monetary and in kind) for events which are fundraising in nature or otherwise.

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • Experience in fundraising and event management is an advantage
  • Possess excellent oral, written and visual communication skills
  • Possess excellent problem solving capabilities
  • Able to multi-task and manage time well
  • Some work over the weekend and after office hours may be required


No available positions at this time.


Occupational Therapist

Work Location : Eunos 

Responsibilities :

  • Competencies in the management of clients in at least one of these disciplines – Community, Geriatrics, Hands, Neurology, Orthopedics, Weight Management, etc.
  • Must be independent in the assessment, diagnosis and management of complex cases and know when to seek guidance proactively when required.
  • Able to develop occupational therapy intervention plan and implement intervention strategies.
  • Document client records accurately.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date medical reports in continuity of care.
  • Be responsible for the caseload allocated and provide coverage as and when necessary.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and professionalism to ensure that the desired outcomes are attained.
  • Engage actively in client and caregiver education.
  • Proactive cross-coverage of colleagues in team to even out workload.
  • Assist with care and maintenance of equipment, materials and resources in the Centre.
  • Attend department meetings and/or staff meetings as required.
  • Liaise with and maintain good working relations with other staff.
  • Demonstrate professional behaviour including respect for clients’ privacy, personal hygiene and be a role model to subordinates.
  • Take ownership of continuous professional development of skills and knowledge in Occupational Therapy which includes independent reading and attending relevant courses and talks.
  • Assist with on-the-job training of Therapy Assistants (TAs).
  • Assist with supervision and monitoring of TAs.
  • Adhere to optimum quality and valued service to clients.
  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned by Supervisor/Manager.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Centre.

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • BSc in Occupational Therapy.
  • Experience in ILTC is an advantage.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in healthcare setting.
  • Full registration licence from Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC).
  • Member of the Singapore Occupational Therapist Association or equivalent (highly recommended).
Administrative Executive

Work Location : Eunos 

Responsibilities :

  • Manage clients’ Eldercare system which includes fees assignment, appointment schedule, attendance and clients’ billing.
  • Submit Subvention claims to MOH/ILTC for attendance and billing.  Perform monthly banking and receipts summary reports for DBS and UOB.
  • Prepare transportation routes with vendor.
  • Update changes to clients’ fees, NMTS, services and mailing out correspondences.
  • Maintain petty cash float and process all petty cash claims.
  • Prepare and follow up on all payment vouchers to vendors and finance department.
  • Liaise with new clients for registration and admission.
  • Assist Centre Manager/Assistant Centre Manager on all audit processes.
  • Monitor and disseminate messages from office mobile phone to respective officers.
  • Handle general enquiries pertaining to client fees, transportation and visitation days.
  • Perform relevant ad hoc duties as assigned by Centre Manager/Assistant Centre Manager.

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • At least ‘N’ level, NITEC and above.
  • Experience in ILTC sector an added advantage.
  • Experience in performing administrative duties.
  • Proficient in spoken and written English Language.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of MS office.
Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

Work Location : Yishun

Responsibilities :

  • Perform Community Outreach and elderly community screening services.
  • Conduct weekly activity schedules according to supervisor’s plans.
  • Encourage clients to stay active, healthy and socially engaged.
  • Befriending and buddying potential isolated elderly.
  • Engage with other community partners on potentiation collaborations.
  • Proper documentations on services rendered.
  • Participate in organisation’s fund-raising activities.
  • Any other relevant tasks assigned by Centre Supervisor.

Requirements/Qualifications :

  • At least ‘N’ level and above.
  • Experience in ILTC sector an added advantage.
  • Proficient in English Language and able to converse in Mandarin/dialects preferred.
  • Able to interact and exercise patience when engaging the elderly.
  • Be physically fit as job requires outreach duties around Yishun area.
  • Knowledge of MS office.


No available positions at this time.


No available positions at this time.

Please submit your detailed resume to hr@muhammadiyah.org.sg or call us at 6242 7388 for any enquiries.

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