Morocco Earthquake 2023



The Morocco EarthquakeThe Morocco Earthquake has left behind destruction and devastation, claimed 3,000 lives, and affected more than 500,000 people.

Nearly 3,000 villages have been damaged in the rural High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the majority of damage affecting peoples homes. This has left many vulnerable families with children and elders without adequate shelter, food, clean water and medical attention – all basic necessities.

Mercy Relief is continuing to respond to the lives of survivors, providing basic necessities like food, drinking water, shelter tents, blankets and medical attention.

Our response is not possible without the kind donations of our supporters, so we urge you to please continue donating to ensure these basic necessities can reach as many survivors as possible.

Our compassion and generosity will help address the urgent need for food, temporary shelter, and medical attention. These can help save more lives.

We aim to raise $10,000 through our fundraising efforts to help Mercy Relief provide emergency relief assistance to affected areas in Morocco through their ground partners.

*All donations collected by Muhammadiyah Association will be handed over to Mercy Relief for this specific purpose only.