Dear beneficiaries, 

We appreciate that you take the time to complete this form below. Please note that your information will only be use solely for our Muhammadiyah’s food distribution/ zakat assistance purposes for this year.

Harap anda dapat isikan butiran peribadi anda di borang ini. Segala maklumat akan digunakan untuk pemberian habuan/ bantuan zakat oleh pihak Muhammadiyah bagi tahun ini.

1. Pastikan borang (3 muka surat) diisi penuh dengan betul dan lengkap. 

2. Setiap pomohon hanya dibenarkan mengambil 2 borang sahaja.
3. Hanya borang terkini sahaja yang dapat kami terima.
4. Tarikh permohonan sehingga 18hb Januari 2024, jam 4.00 petang.
5. Borang yang diterima selepas tarikh tutup tidak akan dilayan.
6. TIDAK ada jaminan terima jika borang dihantar melalui pos.
7. Pemohonan kami dibuka untuk semua bangsa dan agama.

1. Please make sure the (3 pages) form are filled out correctly and completely.

2. Each applicant is only allowed to take 2 forms only.
3. We can only accept the latest and updated form.
4. Application date is opened until 18th January 2024, 4.00pm.
5. Forms received after the closing date will not be accepted.
6. There is NO guarantee of receipt if the form is sent by postal service.
7. Open to all races and religions.





Qns 1. What is the closing date for submission?
Application closing dates will be on 18 January, 4 pm.
Qns 2: What time can applicants come to collect the forms?
Forms can be collected from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Qns 3: Can we collect the forms at Wisma Geylang Serai?
Yes, you can collect at our Kurnia office at Wisma Geylang Serai but only from 2pm till 5pm, every Monday to Friday.
Qns 4: Can we apply online?
Yes, you can visit the following link to download the form or apply online directly at this link https://muhammadiyah.org.sg/beneficiary-form-2024/
Qns 5: When can we know the results of our application?
We will send a letter of approval once we have assessed your application after the closing date.
Qns 6: When will the applicant receive the habuan?
We will notify the dates once the application has been approved?
Qns 7: Is the habuan together with the zakat cash money?
Zakat money will be distributed through bank transfer. Only selected beneficiaries will receive the zakat money through cash mode.
Qns 8: Can the applicant request for delivery to be sent to the other family member’s home address?
All deliveries will be sent to the address declared in the application form. Applicants have to self-collect should the address differ.

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